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Capturing Your Big Day: The Role of a Content Creator Explained

The question I’m asked most often is: “I already have a photographer and videographer. Do I really need a content creator as well?” The answer, of course, is that it’s completely up to you, but understanding what each does may help make the decision easier.

A photographer: uses a high-resolution camera and lens to capture images throughout your day. Typically, you’ll receive a gallery of between 300 and 800 images, from which you’ll be able to choose a handful to print for your wall or a wedding photo album. You’ll get a sneak peak of a few of your photos in the week after the wedding, but the full gallery is typically available 6-8 weeks later.

A videographer: uses high-end camera and microphone tech to film your wedding day. Over the following weeks they’ll edit the footage into a wedding film, typically using dialogue recorded throughout the day on the soundtrack. The result will be anything from a highlights video a few minutes long, to a full-length video with complete coverage of the ceremony and speeches from multiple angles, depending on the package you’ve chosen.

A content creator: uses a high-end smartphone (I use the latest iPhone Pro) and gimbal to capture images and video throughout the day. You’ll receive the full gallery of 500-1000 images, plus edited reels of key moments such as the father of the bride’s first look, set to music, all within a day or two of the wedding. Some content creators also provide all the raw videos for you to look back on, and my packages include a 3–4-minute edited highlight video.

In short, then, the key difference between content creators and photographers / videographers is that content creators are there to get plenty of fun, fresh, candid shots and videos of your day in a format that’s easy to share with friends and family on social media immediately after your wedding, enabling you to stay in the ‘wedding bubble’ a little longer. By contrast, photographers and videographers provide a more polished product for your most treasured memories, over a longer timeframe.

Content creation for weddings only landed in the UK last year, so it’s understandable that some photographers and videographers have pushed back against the development, afraid that content creators are cutting in by offering a ‘cheaper alternative.’

The truth is that content creators are offering a completely different service, one we’re happy to offer alongside your chosen photographer and videographer. There really is room for us all!