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Let’s talk wedding cake!

Let’s talk wedding cake!

With over a quarter of a million weddings taking place in the UK every year, that’s an awful lot of wedding cake!

So, what’s tickling our tastebuds in 2023, find out below.


Mosaics, marble, and motifs

Mosaics have become increasingly popular this year and add an extra design dimension to any traditional-style wedding cake.

Marble is now making more than just a guest appearance, offering a hint of elegance when sticking to the usual round-tiered wedding cake. It’s also a real thrill when cutting into the wedding cake, allowing that all-important Big Reveal!

Motifs – Beautiful, hand-painted motifs and lettering cascading down a wedding cake tier or two, are also proving to be popular.

Flavour fashionista

A move away from the traditional fruit wedding cake towards Earl Grey, and delicious delights such as tropical flavours, pink champagne, and even peanut butter! Yes, we are salivating at the thought!

Crystal clear

Pressed and dried flowers are getting their place in the sun once again, along with crystallising edible flowers to create a stunning visual wedding cake.

Feeling fern-bulous!

Replacing flowers with beautiful, green ferns, to display down or around the wedding cake tiers, will certainly add a touch of grass-class.

Shape it up

Out go the lack-lustre circular, round tiers, and in come an array of geometric shapes; from rectangle to hexagon, anything goes this year - really!

Must-have metallic

Introducing a colour clash or a bold, metallic tier, to any wedding cake, can really make sensational statement.

Something different

Not got much of a sweet tooth? Then why not change up your wedding cake with a savoury twist, from cheese towers to homemade pies! Or, if you feel sweetness is always the way to go but want to move away from tradition, cookies, doughnuts, or macaron-themed cake tiers can provide wedding guests with a tantalising treat.

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