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Make your wedding day magical

Your wedding day is the most special day of your lives and you want it to be perfect.

You also want your families and guests to enjoy every moment by creating unique memories that stick in their minds as well as all your wedding guests.

Weddings are fun and enjoyable events for most but not everyone is confident enough to join in. So, how do you put people at ease and get everybody to mix, mingle, and enjoy the day to the full? MAGIC is the answer!

Get ready for your close-up

When it comes to wedding day magic, a great way is to use an ice-breaker and probably the best one is close-up magic.  It’s fun, it will amaze your friends and family, and will help to relax people and get them mingling with each other.

The best time for a magic interlude

I’d suggest that the best time would be during your drinks reception and while your wedding photographs are being taken as guests will often be standing around in small groups.

How it works

A close-up magician can approach your wedding guests and encourage them into a slightly larger group then entertain them. Guests often play a real part in any magic act.  They start to feel part of the proceedings and there’ll be lots for everyone to talk about when the magician moves on.

Working closely with your photographer/videographer you can get some really fun shots full of reaction and laughter.

Table magic

As a follow up, once you move into your wedding breakfast, magic around the tables will maintain the atmosphere and everyone will be relaxed and more likely to react to the speeches.

The icing on the cake can be a short magic show for you and your partner at your top table playing to all your guests as a ’warm up’ for your speeches. I offer a 10-minute show which is unique to me with a heart warming theme of relationships, love and marriage.

I’m Norman Gee

Yes, I’m biased, it’s what I do. However, over many years, I’ve seen how the right entertainment can make or break a wedding day.

Please feel free to DM me with your questions about wedding magic and other forms of entertainment and I’ll be happy to advise, and show you how I can help make your wedding day truly MAGICAL


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