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Post-Covid wedding trends to watch out for

The coronavirus pandemic has, without a doubt, affected the way the wedding industry works. Many couples have changed or postponed their big day over the past two years (some multiple times!). Masks have become a strange new norm, with couples and guests choosing to match their outfits with high quality face coverings by big name brands.

But not all is dystopian and strange – it is the wedding industry after all – and there are some hot trends that have emerged which are very exciting and a welcome change:


Smaller, more intimate weddings

Initial restrictions on numbers have paved the way for smaller, ‘micro’ weddings. Gone are the days of hundreds of distant relatives or parents’ friends from 30 years ago cluttering up your wedding day. You can now have exactly who you want at your wedding. A smaller celebration means weddings have also become more budget-friendly, giving couples extra cash to spend on things like live music and lavish catering.


Relaxed styles over the big ball gowns

Because of the overall focus on more intimate celebrations, wedding attire has also changed. Princess dresses are still available, but they are less popular in 2022, replaced instead by more fitted, relaxed wedding gowns. Lots of beading and lace is still in style, but brides now frequently turn to high street retailers and online shops instead of luxury designers for their more budget-friendly dresses.


Outdoor venues and natural details

For a lot of people COVID meant staying outdoors as much as possible, to avoid any heightened risk of infection. Outdoor wedding venues have therefore become a popular choice, giving couples an added feeling of safety for their guests while again enhancing that relaxed feel. Many brides and grooms are now choosing to host at least one part of their special day outside – be that the ceremony itself or cocktails - and incorporate stunning seasonal flowers and fabric accents.

Whatever choices you make for your big day, the trends of the wedding industry have certainly changed since 2020. Couples are planning smaller weddings, in a more understated and informal style, and often outdoors, incorporating seasonal elements - and local suppliers to help them shape the wedding of their dreams.


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