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Small is beautiful

Sometimes it’s not about having a huge wedding, it’s simply about being married.

More couples are looking to host a smaller, intimate wedding and having just your very closest family and friends with you on your wedding day may be what you are also thinking of doing.


Perhaps the thought of saying your vows to just your partner, in front of those you really care about is incredibly important to you, and those guests who are so special to have been invited, will love and feel much more honoured to witness those vows, made within a ceremony created specifically for you.


Having a smaller wedding could also help with your budget. With a select group of invited guests you are able to choose smaller venues, like your favourite restaurant, where you can enjoy stunning food and wine after your ceremony, without a huge bill at the end. You can spend more time mingling with your guests and much more time celebrating as a couple, together in your favourite place.

Keeping with tradition

You don’t have to miss out on the traditional elements such as being escorted up the aisle or signing the certificate, but you could consider including guest participation such as a ring blessing or sharing the love heartbeat with just the few guests attending, something which might be more complicated to arrange within a huge room of excited well-wishers.

It is often said that the best gifts come in small packages and an intimate wedding could be the right thing for you.

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Karina x

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